Personal Sabbatical 2021

I am spending a couple of days camping at the South Llano River State Park on the Llano River near Junction Texas. I am camping by myself.

I wanted to take some time to be alone.

I grew up an only child. Time alone is nothing new to me. However, how I use that time alone is.

I am 52 now. Who do I want to be?

Not the person my mother wanted me to be. Not the person culture thought I should be but who do I want to be?

I think I know. But I want to reflect.

My health is a big part of this for me.

For me this means, being 160-170 pounds (I am 5’9). Strong. I can do pull-ups and other exercises. And that at least a couple of my abs are showing.


Perhaps, I just want to live longer and better than my mother, grandmother and others in my family.

As Dr. Peter Atia talks about training to be a kick 100 year old. That is who I want to be.
Without your health what do you have?

The irony in 2021 is that I have my iPad Pro with me and I can post to a blog from here. So you could ask the question – how alone am I?

Until Next Time.

South Llano River, South of Junction Texas

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