Online Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Tro

Dr. Tro is very active on twitter. He has a podcast. Tons of free resources. And now he has an online town hall zoom meeting. Link for the Zoom call. Info about the Zoom call.

I attended the first one and it was refreshing. Informative and helpful.

Click the link and I look forward to seeing you on the next one.

Here is a list of the the remaining sessions.
May 19, 2020 05:30 PM
May 26, 2020 05:30 PM
Jun 2, 2020 05:30 PM
Jun 9, 2020 05:30 PM
Jun 16, 2020 05:30 PM

Snake Diet + Beating My Food Addiction 2019

I used to record my weight Jan 1st each new year with a renewed determination to lose weight and get heathy. I was in my 40 when I started doing this. The problem was that each year I would record my weight I would be 5 to 10 pounds heavier. My response? Double down on my resolve. One day I realized I was 323 pounds.

Me at 323 pounds May 2012 – I was 43

I had a physical because I was concerned about long term issues or maybe I was hoping for validation that my weight was not really affecting my health. LESSON #1 – Being Obese will always catch up to you. ALWAYS. Time is not on your side when you are obese.

The Doctor was very concerned. My blood pressure was high. I was really obese and I was trending in the wrong direction. As in most stories in life that was a turning point. I am not sure why that person or moment spoke to me but it did. That was my time and place. That was the day I started my journey to gain my health.

The First 50

I found Dr. Ron Rosedale’s book – The Rosedale Diet. This book explains that hormones (leptin) is driving weight issue. To this day his diet plan is the spot on.

Appropriate protein, and low carb. Good Fat to maintain satiety.

I lost 50 pounds over 6 months. It felt easy at the time.

Losing and Gaining the Same 20 pounds

I could write a book about 2013-2018. The short answer is this.

I had a food plan that was working. But I kept wanting to tinker with it. I told myself that I was trying to improve it or even “perfect” my diet but all I did was drive myself into a ditch that took 5 years to get out of.


I read and consumed so much info that I started fucking with my food plan and I stalled. I would gain weight. I would lose weight. And I was drinking alcohol. Looking back I was not taking it seriously. I wanted it all. I wanted to follow a diet plan 3-4 days and then do what the fuck I wanted 2-3 days a week. You know what that gets you when you are still 100 pounds overweight? Stagnation.

Never doubt the mental toll that a weight loss journey will have on you. Getting success quickly helps keep you on plan.

In the moment I was frustrated and would complain and bitch. I would think why is this not working for me etc. What I a fool I was. But it was part of my journey to get to where I am today.

Where I am Today – The Next Part of My Journey

Sept 1st, 2018 – I weighted 260

Jan 1, 2019 I weight 285

Today September 1, 2019 – I weight 253

That is 32 pounds lost in the year 2019. Exciting. But I am in the middle of the journey.

And I am skipping out on why I gained 25 pounds at the end of 2018 – What a real fuck up that was…. But that is for another time or really it is better to just leave it alone and let that be the last chapter of that part of my life.

My Goal Weight is 170

My Dexa Scan 05/21/2019 – Spoiler Alert! – I am fat! 42% body fat. Weight 266

Can we just sit for a minute and think about what 42% body fat means? That means I am carrying around 30% more body weight that I need for no reason. And if anything it is slowing killing me.

Let’s take this a step further. Is eating (insert whatever health food you want) going to mitigate being 42% body fat? I do not think so.

So today I sit with a revised plan of action. I have my resolve. I am 100% committed. I do not have results to show yet.

Will I stay committed and make my goal weight?

Stick around and see 🙂

I made a video about where I am now and if you would like to watch

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Peace be with you. Your friend.