My Most Productive Time in My Life

The year was 2001.
The Device was the Handspring Visor Platinum.
The Software was Palm Desktop.

It was a simple setup and the sync was perfect.

Palm Desktop contains four main modules which correspond to the four main modules of the original Palm Pilot:

Contacts, analogous to index cards in a Rolodex card file or address book

Calendar information as discrete or repeating appointments

Tasks, sortable by priority, date or category in task lists

Notes, for reference materials, memoranda or journal entries

I made my life fit in these buckets.

I had spent a year trying to make Microsoft Outlook work for me. Then I got the handspring – and I spent another 3 months trying to make it work with Outlook via 3rd party sync apps. Horrible.

I met a guy at a networking group and he had a Palm Pilot. I asked him what he used etc. He said Palm Desktop. Quick. Easy. Simple.

There was not a lot of options then unlike today. iOS has how many task and calendar and note taking apps that rarely work together?

It is one reason for my personal (not work life) I use iCloud. It is not perfect but it has all of these elements and they work.


Steven Wilson has a new song out that I dig. “Self”

The video is strange and thought provoking.

Jon Blestein writing for Rolling Stone – Quotes Wilson:

Self’ is about our new age of narcissism and self-obsession, one in which a human race that used to look out with curiosity at the world and the stars now spends much of its time gazing at a little screen to see themselves reflected back in the mirror of social media.

So few artist make social commentary that has a bite any longer.

Perhaps, I am missing most of it due to the fact I am an middle aged white dude who truly does not understand or enjoy modern rap and hip hop which I think is where most of the action is these days.

This song along with my interest in developing a deeper life made me think about Huxley’s Brave New World.

The “Brave New World” denizens were plied with pleasure, distraction, advertisement and intoxicating drugs to lull them into complacency, a world of perfect consumerism, with lower classes doing all the work for an elite.

Pioneerleadership’s Blog

I wonder where a citizen would find pleasure, distraction, advertisement and consumerism all in one device?

PS: Here are the lyrics to “Self”

Self-help and self-aware
Self-made millionaire
Turn it up and tone it down
Entertain like a fucking clown

Self-image and self-belief
Selfish acts between the sheets
Self has no sense of tact
Self is too self-detached

We are self, the self that loves itself now
We are self, I only see myself now

Self-absorbed and self-obsessed
If not me then someone else
Self sees a billion stars
But still can only self-regard

We are self, the self that loves itself now
We are self, I only see myself now

(I am the universe)

We are self, the self that loves itself now
We are self, I only see myself now

Radio Paradise – An Online Radio Station

Seeing the recent backlash around the updated Apple Music design such as Apple Music Music sucks I thought I would share what I listen to most days.

It is a an online commercial free radio station. A stream. You turn it on and listen. Here is the webplayer but there are many ways to listen. Most days I stream it through my Homepod.
Here is how Bill the owner and mastermind describes it

RP’s Main Mix is a blend of many styles and genres of music, carefully selected and mixed by two real human beings, and presented in ultra high fidelity sound.

Our specialty is taking a diverse assortment of songs — modern and classic rock, world music, electronica, even a bit of classical and jazz — and making them flow together in a way that makes sense harmonically, rhythmically, and lyrically.

I started listening to RP back in 2003. It first aired in Feb of 2000

There are so many cool things about this station. But my recommendation is to give it an hour. There is feel to this station. It takes a little time for the magic of what it is to wash over you.

I hope you give it a listen and I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.