What is a Blog?

In 2002 Rebecca Blood wrote a book to document the growth of weblogs – later know as blogs.

A weblog is a coffeehouse conversation in text, with references as required.

Rebecca Blood – 2002 from her book the weblog handbook

Why am I hammering blogs these last couple of days?

I feel that social media, I am looking at you Zuck, have failed us. We traded easy and free for our free will and free expression. Facebook and Instagram decide what you see. The company wants you to stare at the app for a long time. They are making money from your attention. They are in your relationships. The intent is to manipulate your mind and emotions for their profit not yours.

When I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts I was free. But I still wanted to express myself. I had this blog I opened back in 2018 to document my health journey so I decide to post more here.

I think you should consider moving your daily thoughts to a blog as well. WordPress.com has plans for $4 a month. Forget about likes and comments. Think about self expression and sharing your story.

If you have a personal blog – let me know in the comments.

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