Labor Day Golf

I have played golf since I was 12.

I have played golf is at least 10 states.

It is a thread that is weaved into my life.

When I walk the round, as I did today, I daydream of time and places I have played before.

There is a nostalgic quality to the feelings I get but there is also hope and gratitude as I feel present in the day.

Today was a good day.

Breaking the Cycle

I have repeated the same pattern the last 2 years of my life.

It happens in 3 Acts.

Act 1: January 1.

Get pissed at myself that I gained weight throug the holidays. Learn to forgive myself but take action and recommit to my weight loss journey.

Act 2: February through August.

2 steps forward 1 step back but weight comes off slow. I get frustrated that I am not losing more weight. The weekly cycle is 5 days on plan and the weekend I fall off the wagon. Not an total bender but nonetheless I eat more or eat off plan.

Act 3: September through December

I say fuck it. I am never going to get this done. I tried so hard and I at the same low weight I have been at for years.

Act 2 – I lose 20 pounds

Act 3 – I gain 20 pounds

This year will be different.

September 2020 I have a goal and only one goal.

To not gain weight.

Today, September 1, 2020 – I weigh 261.
My goal is to weigh 261 on September 30, 2020.

Your friend.

My journey is broader than just being thin. I want to be strong. I want to be capable. More on that goal as I continue to document my journey.

No Dairy – Restart

I failed in my 30 day no dairy challenge.

I did learn something.

I restricted it in August but it was not eliminated.

Greek Yogurt. Sometimes with fruit. Sometime with a squeeze of honey.

On my wife birthday I did have a scoop or 2 of real ice cream. It was like a sugar rocket. I would generally eat the left over ice cream over the next several days and this time I did not go back to it. Maybe one can learn.

This is what I know.

  • Dairy Upsets my stomach
  • Dairy causes inflammation
  • Dairy causes cravings

In short, I love dairy but she does not love me back. It is time I leave her behind for a new love.