30 Day Challenge – No Fruit. No Dairy.

Fruit and Dairy.

Both cause me digestive and inflammation issues.

Fructose is not good for me. It is a driver of obesity and insulin resistance.

See Dr. Jason Fung explanation.

See The Bitter Truth – by Dr Robert Lustig – Longer video but eye opening.

This could be strawberry ice cream.

Blueberries and Greek Yogurt.

Dried Cranberries as a snack.

The list goes on. I am a fan of fruit. I was a fan of craft beer too but I said goodbye in 2018. Sometimes in life your love is not returned.

I commit to myself to not have fruit or dairy for the next 30 days. July 16, 2020 through August 15th, 2020.

You can ask @vickiegrier for confirmation of my updates if you need validation.

The Devil Inside

Hi Friend.

I am back to writing.

The last 15 days of July I have wandered in the desert of the internet.

I was excited about sharing my food plan for July but I could not make a decision on a couple of things and guess what? I have not taken action. Shame on me. But I forgive myself and I am back from those dark days.

I am convinced that the inner voice that speaks to us is not our friend.

Steven Pressfield famously calls it the resistance.

In this blog post he sums the struggle for our lives in the best explanation I have seen about the Ego vs the Self. How the resistance is trying to kill us anyway it can. Worth a read.

Dr. Glenn Livingston calls it The Pig.

He has this post providing examples of how the pig lies to you to eat shit that you know is not good for you. Bottom line the Pig is trying to kill you slowly with food.

Understanding and accepting that you have a powerful voice inside your head that does not want you to change. So changes in your diet will sound the alarm and bring this voice to full power. It will lie. It will distract. It will give half truths.

The good news is that you are in control. Your rational brain is in control. Stay in the now. Be Present.

Follow the links for both Pressfield and Livingston to learn more.

I will be writing more about this and what I settled on with my eating plan.

July Progress Report

Here is what I weighted on the 1st of each month for 2020.

Jan 1: 275
Feb 1: 273
Mar 1: 277
Apr 1: 268
May1: 265
June1: 265
July 1: 265

Here is a picture.

I am disappointed in myself.

I tried hard March – June.

I wanted to utilize extended fasting to reach my goals. 48 to 72 hour fasts. That lead to a binge cycle. I could not control myself when I did eat. That led to frustration.

I am making some changes and I will post my July Plan next post.