Day 1

This is my daily online accountability journal.

When temptation is high and willpower is low I will turn to writing here.

It will become a level of defense. Dr. Tro in his last townhall showed a slide with the Swiss Cheese Model of Defense. You need multiple levels. When my mind is telling me lies – I will press into them. Find the lie. Assert my control. Follow the plan I want for my life.

I am going to write as the day progresses.

8:42am CDT

Woke up feeling refreshed. It was a night of good sleep.
Today my goal is to fast. Get through one day without eating.

My focus is on getting below 250 this week. That will require for me to stick to my routine for longer than 3 days in a row.

If you remember – my current and long term pattern is to get serious for 3-4 days both in what I eat and exercise and then generally on the weekends – I “reward” myself. It starts small but that little bit of sugar or carb opens a flood gate and I go seeking out more of it. Then as the story goes when I try to get back on plan, the cravings for carbs and sugar are still there.

In the words of my friend Holly Whitaker – There are somethings that you do not fuck with. Addictive substances are one of them. Alcohol/Drugs and Sugar/Fructose is one of them.


I want to eat something. I have avocados. But I feel if I eat an avocado it will make me want to eat more.

I swallowed a spoon of coconut oil. I am trying to view it as medicine. It will take the edge of hunger away.

This is my personal favorite brand. I like the mild and delicate flavor version. I have bought the HUGE vat at Costco before but I never used all of it. This is small. Tastes great. Easy to manage. Has less of a wax texture that that costco version had.


That small bite of coconut oil got me thinking about food and I went into the fridge – before I came to write here – I had a boiled egg.

Note: Will I allow coconut oil on these fasting days – at least these early days as a crutch? Do I need the crutch?

Dashboard Update

Current Weight: 266.6
Trend Line: 267.1
Starting Weight: 275

Days without the following:
Fruit: 1
Sugar: 1
Grain: 1
Dairy: 1

BWS Workouts: 1

Person Growth Dashboard Days without:
Limited Screen/Scrolling: 0

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