Sunday Report Back – 1

This is my first “Report Back” as an accountability tool. I am committing to do this each week.

A Blog Post
And a Podcast Episode
And I am planning on doing a more in depth report back monthly that will be a video on YouTube.

This was a great week.

My greatest week in my 8 year weight loss journey.
I completed a 87 hour fast.

Did not eat Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
Sunday – Today I weighed in this morning. 263.
I started the week at 270.

Now I am writing this after I had a wonderful meal made by my loving wife. Sunday pot roast with roasted veggies.
I clicked the start button on my Zero app.

Why This Was a Big Week

I have only completed one 24hr fast in 2020. It has been a struggle. 99% of it has been mental.
This week I did something a little different. I used the Zero app but I committed to be 100% honest with myself. So I would set the app for a 36hr fast. If I ate even one almond. I would stop it. And re start the clock. Over about 3-4 days I got to where I would check the app and ask myself – do I really want to eat? Why am I about to eat? Do I want to break the agreement I have made with myself
On Friday when I woke up with more than 24 hours it was a mind shift. I can do this. It will be easier to move towards Sunday than to break my fast and start over. So that is what I did.

Today I am happy. Not because I lost weight. I am happy because I made an agreement with myself and I kept it.

Wishing you the best. Let me know how you are doing. @wheninaustin on twitter.