2020 – The Year I Win

2019 was a great year. But it was a tough year. I have wins and I have loses. It was a year I dug in and did some healing.

Highlights and Lessons from 2019

  • Oct 2019 – 1 Year of Sobriety was a huge accomplishment but it is just the start.
  • I needed counseling
  • Finding meaning and purpose are critical to life
  • My wife @vickiegrier is my world.
  • I work well with self imposed rules. I fight like hell against outside authority. Which is interesting and deserves exploration on it’s own.
  • Success and failure are on the same coin.
  • Forgiveness is powerful. Forgive yourself.

2020 Weight loss Journey

Here are the highlights from 2019 for context.

Sept 2019 – 245

Sept 2019 – Milestone reached. Then I fucked it all up for the rest of 2019.

Jan 2020 – 275

Jan 5th, 2020 – I am back to my old ways and recommitted to losing the weight.
Can you see the pattern? Jan – Sept – I lose weight. Oct – Dec – I gain it all back. 2020 I break that cycle.

The Podcast – My Fasting Focused Lifestyle

In 2018 I experimented with making a daily podcast to help keep me motivated. I did not stick to it but I several people reached out to me via email to ask why I stopped and some other questions. Those interactions motivated me to re start this effort.

I am committing to 300 episodes in 2020.

I record, edit and publish on my iPhone with an app called Anchor. It is pretty cool for what it is. But my podcasts are not professionally done – it is just me talking to you.

My goal is to document my journey. To motivate both you and me and share what I am doing, my success and failures and share any tools or resources I find along the way.

Connect with me on Instagram or twitter. Ask me a question or comment and I am happy to work that into my podcast.

Stay in the fight. Your health is worth it.

Your friend.